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First dance competition in over 2 years and these are the results: So proud and it was so nice to be back at comps and seeing live dancers. Quite emotional today. Some first time ever dancers for us; Shylah and Lola and both smashed it. Own Choreography being competed and new routines and some routines that never got a chance to be competed before we were in lockdown. Thank you @magnetarevents . First comp back and it was great.
⭐Magnetar Competition Results⭐
Amelia 1st Place Street solo ?
Amelia 2nd Place Jazz solo?
Kara 3rd Place Contemporary Solo?
Kara ⭐ award for Jazz Solo
Kara 2nd Place Lyrical Solo?
Eve 2nd Place Contemporary Solo (own? choreography really and not finished yet)
Eve 1st Place Own Choreography ?
Lola 2nd Place Jazz Solo?
Lola 1st Place Lyrical Solo?
Chloe 3rd Place Vocal Solo ?
Kara and Lexie 1st Place Own Choreography Duet ?
Kara and Amelia 3rd Place Contemporary Duo ?
Eve and Chloe Vocal Duet 1st Place ?
Kara Judges Choice Award Overall ⭐?⭐?

Congratulations Yasmin Davis who was selected to represent Team England at the 2020 Dance World Cup for her Streetdance Solo

Redds are now offering Pay as you go Classes.

All prices are on the timetable section 

Milan Cacacie & Max Ilett competed in the 2019 Dance World Cup in Braga, Portugal.

Max and Milan achieved a Bronze Medla for their HipHop Duo

Milan achieved a Bronze Medal for her Showdance solo

Max achieved 5th place for his Song & Dance solo

All 3 routines contributed to England winning the Dance World Cup


BBO Ballet Results 2018 - saw the best results to date for the school. 19 students sat their ballet exams from pre-primary to Grade 4 and the students achieved 12 distinctions, 5 merits and 2 passes. Amazing results and the best decision to change the school to an academy and have all the students study all the styles. At Redds, we don't wait for students to be guaranteed a distinction, we train them for a year and they sit their exams. They work extremely hard studying ballet and all their other classes contribute to their strength and  skill, giving them their results. We want to improve on this result for next year. Bring on 2019 Ballet and Tap exams. Well Done Team Redds

Thank you Waitrose, Chipping Sodbury

A great big thank you to Waitrose for choosing REDDS School as one of their community fundraising projects for the Month of May. A whopping £275 was raised. Thank you to all the customers who put their green token into our section. 

REDDS Graduate Milan Cacacie appearing in Zion B's music video

Congratulations to Holly Stone who has successfully auditioned for Ryan Jenkins iD - Dance Company

Congratulations to Milan Cacacie who succesfully obtained a place studying at "The Urdang University" in London.

Good Luck Milan, make us all proud.

A Great BIG THANK YOU to Daniel Corthorn for carrying out a workshop with REDDS Comp Team and Darcey from Variations Academy. Great Feedback from everyone. Cannot wait to have you back.

Sadly Ivie Passed away on March 3rd  2017. RIP beautiful Angel, you will be missed so much by me. My heart breaks for your family and loved ones.


A Whopping £1683.41 was raised at Ivie Boulton's Charity Concert on Feb 25th. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event and to all those made the event possible.


*Venus Dance Academy*

*3D Street Dance*

*Yasmin's Fun Dance*

*Aaron Hatherall*

*Dynamics Dance Academy*

*Sheryl Birthwright for Refreshments

*Sara Banyard for Raffle

*Tracy Newman and Selina Cox for the Door

*Micheal Coles of Lightline Events for Providing all the sound and lighting for free

*Catriona Ashley for getting the venue Chipping Sodbury School for free

Another Succesful Competition at Dance Camp 2016 - with four of our dancers - Milan Cacacie, Libby Smith Robinson and Lexie Jessup and Rosie Teirney, making the grand final. With Milan coming 2nd overall highest in the festival section and Libby taking the 3rd spot.

Well done everyone -lots of well deserved first places as you can see from our trophy and medal haul

Congratulations to all the students who took their BBO Ballet exams - 100% pass rate with lots of Distinctions. Congratulations Girls

Well Done to all those who took part in the WDO July 10th Open Competition - Results Below

over the Rainbow 4th place
Titanic 1st place 
Pink Roses 3rd Place
Lost Boys 3rd Place
Kara lyrical 6th place
Maya Lyrical 4th Place
Rosie Lyrical 3rd Place
Alice Ballet 6th Place
Megan Contemporary 4th Place
Libby Lyrical 1st place
Milan Lyrical 2nd place 
Maya and Amber duo 3rd place
Rosie and Lexie Duo 1st place
Alice and Libby duo 1st place
Milan and Libby duo 1st Place
Waka Waka 2nd Place 
Avatar 2nd Place 
Kara 5th Place singing
Amber 4th Place Tap
Katie 3rd Place Jazz
Lexie 2nd Place Jazz
Georgie 2nd Place Acro
Holly 1st place Acro
Libby 1st place Acro
Milan 1st place Jazz

Congratulations to all the Students who took their IDA exams this Sunday (3rd July). Well Done to everyone x

Check out redds school in the Gazette Paper 

Follow the link below


Please see the timetable for the changes made to Drama, Singing and Musical Theatre

Congratulations REDDS Students on a Great Christmas Nativity Show. See all the photos on the photo performance section

Congratulatons to the Disney Parents especially Jenna for organising the Halloween Disco and Pamper Evening. Over £700 raised towards our Disney Fund from these two events. Well Done and Thank You.

Dance Camp 2015 - Results - Milan Cacacie won Champ of Champions

Total Results over 2 days


Rosie Tierney age 5 – 2nd Place classical Ballet

Rosie Tierney age 5 – 1st Place Disney Character

Lexie Jessup age 4 – 2nd Place Disney Character

 Katie Harding age 5 – 3rd Place Modern Jazz

Amber Nixon age 8 and Maya Fraser age 7 – 2nd Place Classical lyrical Duet

Hannah Nicholas age 10 – 2nd Place Lyrical solo

Libby Smith age 12 – 3rd Place Lyrical solo

Holly Stone age 11 – 3rd Place Acro solo

Phoebe Ashley age 10 – 2nd Place Acro Solo

Poppy Murphy age 10 and Libby Smith – 1st Place Lyrical Duet

Holly Stone and Milan Cacacie age 15 – 1st Place Acro Duet

Milan Cacacie – 1st place Lyrical solo

Milan Cacacie – 1st place Jazz solo and through to the champ of champs

Rosie Tierney and Lexie Jessup – 1st Place lyrical duet and through to the champ of champ finals

Jessica Sheppard age 14 – 3rd Place Vocal solo

Eva Bagatelas age 10, Lily Tierney age 10 and Hannah Nicholas – 1st place vocal trio

Mini Team (Rosie, Lexie, Amber, Maya and Alice Sheppard age 8) – 3rd Place Modern Jazz – Waka Waka

Mini Team – (Rosie, Lexie, Amber, Alice and Katie) – 3rd Place Lyrical Team – Changing Seasons

Intermediate Team – (Phoebe, Hannah, Poppy, Libby, Alice and Izzy Perks age 10) – 4th Place Lyrical Team


****Milan Cacacie 1st place top Festival score and overall Winner – Champ of Champions****


A great big thank you to Hannah Nichols, Grace Fletcher, Eva Bagatelas, Amber Nixon and Maya Fraser for Singing and Dancing at Yate Heritage Centre for International Day.




Starpower 2015

Congratulations to all the students who took part in the Starpower Internmational Competition in May 2015.

Dancers:  Seniors - Milan Cacacie, Ryan Barrett, Mackenzie Turley, Poppy Murphy

Mini's - Rosie Tierney, Lexie Jessup, Katie Harding, Macey Kirby, Alice Sheppard, Amber Nixon & Maya Fraser

Vocal: Jessica Sheppard and Bethenie Carriaga


Milan & Mackenzie 2nd Place & a special Judges award for Lovely lyrical

Milan & Ryan 1st place open duo & 10th place highest overall duo

Senior Open Frozen - 1st place

Senior Contemporary NSEW - 4th place

Alice - 1st place - 5 *'s and a power pak prize

Katie - 1st place

Macey - 1st place & a special Lyrical judges award

Lexie - 2nd place and a special character award

Rosie- 1st place

Amber - 2nd place

Jessica - 7th place highest overall vocal solo

Mini's Boom Boom Boom - 1st place and 5th highest overall group

Mini's Changing Seasons - 1st place and 2nd highest overall group

Jessica & Beth - 1st vocal duet and highest overall Champions

Milan - 2nd acro solo 5*'s

Milan - 1st open solo & 5*'s

Milan - 1st lyrical solo, 5*'s, 7th highest overall solo and Miss Starpower title 2015 (2nd year running)



Starz - 2015

Congratulations to all the competition team that took part in the Starz event on 18th April. 

Seniors - Milan Cacacie, Elle Shephard, Lily Griffiths, Brodie Shutt, Anna Campbell, Ryan Barrett & Poppy Murphy

Mini's - Rosie Tierney, Lexie Jessup, Katie Harding, Alice Sheppard and Amber Nixon



Trio 4th place - Milan, Elle and Lily

Poppy - 3rd place solo

Brodie & Anna - 7th place duo

Anna - 4th place solo

Brodie - 7th place solo

Frozen Team - 2nd place

Circus Team 3rd place

Ever After Team - 3rd place

Vampire 7th, Move 6th and All of me 5th


Rosie - 1st place solo

Katie - 2nd place solo

Lexie - 4th place solo

Amber - 8th place solo

Alice - 7th place solo

Changing Seasons Mini Team - 1st place

Dance Camp Results 2014

Brodie Shutt 3rd  Jazz
Hannah Nicholas – 1st  vocal solo - beginners
Hannah and Lily T- 2nd vocal duet - beginners
Sarah and Luca – 2nd classical duet - beginners

Jasmine Upton – 3rd vocal solo - advanced

Jessica Sheppard – 1st vocal solo - advanced
Bethenie Carriaga – 2nd  vocal solo - advanced
Beth and jess- 3rd  vocal duet all in same section so cleaned up - advanced
Milan Cacacie- 1st  jazz solo - advanced
Milan and Elle- 1st duet - advanced
Milan and Lily – 3rd duet - advanced
Contemporary Team 1- 2nd  place - advanced
Contemporary Team 2 – 3rd  place - advanced
Jazz Team – 1st place - advanced
Vocal Team -1st  Place - advanced

Lyrical team – 2nd Place – advanced

Well Done to Harriet Powell, Sophie Gideon, Alice Sheppard, Daryus Cacacie and Ruth Nuevo Draper who all performed will in individual and duo sections.

Congratulations Everyone – excellent results for our school and what an improvement on last year.



Congratulations to all those who performed in the Yate International Festival –

20th September 2014

Rhythm Rascals

Ruth Nuevo Draper

Hannah Nicholas

Luca Testa

Harriet Powell

Triple REDDS

REDS Comp Team – special mention Elle Shephard & Brodie Shutt


Congratulations to Milan, Daryus, Lily, Elle & Brodie who all sucessfully auditioned for the IDS catelogue - here are a few pics

National Starpower Champions 2014

This weekend my elite competition team took part in the American Dance and talent competitions called Starpower. This is a competition organisation that has been running for over 20yrs in the states. It hosts 40,000 acts per year with over 150,000 competitors. It has been operating an annual competition in the UK for 6 years.

My competition team have been training every Saturday as well as during the week in their dance and technique classes. We went with 3 team pieces, 3 solos and a duet. I was going to use this weekend to see where our little school lies on a national level and to see if what we were doing and producing was on par with some of the top London schools.

The scoring process is set out into 3 categories Star- beginners, All-Star - Intermediates and Power- Advanced, based on hours of training etc. Therefore my dancers were all in power. The judging is done by 3 separate judges who award for technique, routine and overall. 5 stars being awarded for the best routines with a score between 290-300. And it goes down 4 stars, 4.5stars etc etc. Then the overall high scores for that power division are awarded. So all duets, all solos etc

Our results were as follows:
Milan Cacacie & Lily Griffiths duet - 1st place and 5 stars- 2nd highest overall power duet 
Rhian Streeter- 1st place acro/gymnastic solo and 5 stars- 4th highest overall power solo
Rhian Streeter - flexibility special judges award
Milan Cacacie - 5 stars jazz solo
Milan Cacacie - 1st place lyrical solo and 5 stars and -3rd highest overall power solo
Milan Cacacie - Miss Star Power Title Winner for lyrical solo
Open Team - Avengers Assemble - 4 and 3/4 stars 1st place, 8th place highest overall power small group 
Contemporary Team - 1st place 5 stars, 2nd place highest overall power small group
Lyrical Team - 1st place and 5 stars, 1st place champions overall power small group
Team members- Milan Cacacie, Lily Griffiths, Elle, Shephard, Brodie Shutt and Rhian Streeter

The girls came away with only losing a quarter off from a clean sweep of 5 stars and winners in everything they did. Their technique and training showed on stage and our little school from Yate had some of the best dancers on that stage this weekend. I am so proud and couldn't be happier. It is also proof that we are training dancers who can compete on a national and soon to be international level. The competition for the teams and solos was incredibly hard with some amazing schools and talent taking part but our redds team is up there with the best of them.

Congratulations Team REDDS. 


Congratulations to Ryan Martin for being selected as one of the 20 chosen to audition for Billy Elliot. 

***DANCE CAMP UK 2013 – NEWS***


A huge congratulations to all the students who attended Dance Camp UK 2013. Everyone performed to the best of their ability and REDDS came away with the following results:


Ruth Nuevo-Draper – 1st place Musical Theatre Solo (Qualified for Champ of Champs) & 2nd Place Vocal Solo Under 16's

Bethenie Carriaga – 1st place Vocal Solo Under 14's

Jasmine Upton – 2nd place Vocal Solo Under 14's

Bethenie Carriaga & Jessica Shepard 2nd place Vocal Duet Under 14's

Brodie Shutt 3rd place Vocal Solo Under 12's

Milan Cacacie 3rd place Jazz Solo Under 14's

Luca Testa & Caitlin Jones 2nd Place Under 16's Open Duet

REDDS Acro – 1st place Under 16 team (Qualified for Champ of Champs)

REDDS Lion King – 1st place Under 16 beginners team (Qualified for Champ of Champs)



Milan Cacacie                       Bethenie Carriaga

Jasmine Upton                      Jessica Shepard

Ruth Nuevo Draper              Lauren Soper

Luca Testa                             Sarah Taylor

Lily Griffiths                         Caitlin Jones

Megan Wiltshire                   Charlotte Buckley

Ellie Sheppard                       Brodie Shutt

REDDS Exercise Programme
September 2013 - 4 week programme
REDDS Weekly Exercise Programme for ALL [...]
Microsoft Word document [14.0 KB]
Chaperone Licence Document
South Glos Council - Chaperone application form
chaperone licence.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [39.5 KB]

In No Way is REDS or REDDS school associated with any other school that has been illegally operating under the same name as us.

A huge congratulations to REDD-i-Licious Ladies who performed at Bristol Hippodrome on the 14thJune 2013, in aid of Cancer Research, UK. They received a standing ovation from the 1500 strong crowd. The total raised before the performance was a huge £835, the final total after all the donations will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Well done ladies – so proud of you all. Erin x


  • Congratulations to all the REDDS Ballerina's who successfully passed their BBO Ballet Exams.
  • Dance Camp UK – 11-14th October 2013 – Triple REDDS. A weekend of workshops, competitions (in dance and vocals), trios, duo’s solos and teams. A Chance to win a place to Disney Dance Camp Paris 2014.
  • Congratulations Jade Meachin and Milan Cacacie for successfully auditioning for the IDS Catalogue. Photo shoot takes place in April 2013
  • Congratulations to Triple REDDS for getting past the first round of CBBC auditions for Street Dance Stars.
  • Congratulations to all those who went along too Seussical the Musical on 16th March - well done to all those who got call backs. Can’t wait to watch you all on June 10th at the Hippodrome
  • A massive congratulations to all the REDDS Ballet dancers who sat their exams today (23/3/13). You girls made me sooooo proud!!!!!!
  • Congratulations to the ladies Burlesque class, who will be performing on June 14th at Bristol Hippodrome in aid of breast cancer and cancer research UK. Get your tickets for "An Evening of Burlesque" from the hippodrome
         box office. To sponsor this great cause, see Erin


  • REDDS School is pleased to announce a partnership with Yate International Academy(YIA) to offer GCSE Dance starting in September 2013.Students will attend YIA, on a Monday from 3.30pm - 5.30pm, every week.Students who dont already attend YIA, will have a cost to sit the exam and course fees, but this will be kept at a minimal level and be affordable.This is such exciting news for our school, and a chance for students to gain academic qualifications, alongside their BBO Ballet and Jazz Qualifications. Please see Erin, if you wish to sign up with YIA & REDDS to study GCSE Dance.
Sophie at Redds Nativity December 2015
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