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What Kind of Job can I have in the Performing Arts Industry?

Many parents start worrying when their child expresses an interest in having a career in the performing arts? They believed or thought it was just a fun hobby and when their child grew up they would get a real job?


The performing arts industry has been battling with this image for years. Sure enough if your child wants to be famous through singing, acting or dancing it can be very hard to achieve this but if they have talent and are willing to work harder than anyone else, then this can be achieved.

But performing arts is so much more than just the people you see on stage.

Firstly, for most or all of the perfoming arts industry jobs you need a degree.

Secondly, most students who study in performing arts gain a confidence and understanding of their abilities that no other subject can offer. Performing arts teaches a student to stand up and perform in front of crowds, work with others of all ages, identify their own personal strengths and weaknesses.

And finally, performing arts gives a student more transferable skills than any other subject at school.


Below is a list of careers that you can have within the performing arts industry (more will be added):


  • Actor
  • Dancer
  • Singer
  • Make Up Artist
  • Teacher - Dance, Singing, Drama, Music
  • Costume Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Photographer
  • Director
  • Prop Maker
  • Location Finder
  • Artistic Director
  • Front of House
  • Presenter (TV, Cruise ship,  Stage etc)
  • Stage School Owner/Teacher
  • Special FX's
  • Camera Man/Woman
  • Caterer
  • Computer Graphics/Designer
  • Admin
  • Matron/ Assistant
  • Musical Theatre
  • PR
  • Events Management
  • Artist Management
  • Promotions
  • Choreographer
  • Stunt Person/double
  • Musician
  • Comedian
  • DJ
  • Sound operator
  • Acrobat/Circus Artist
  • Model
  • Radio Presenter
  • Radio Prorgramme Writer
  • Theatre Technician
  • Script Writer



That is a few jobs within the industry, I'm sure there are even more if you look at the film credits and titles that follow each film......... or an awards ceremony, or TV Programme or Theatre Programme


Whatever your chosen career - REDDS can help you achieve it

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