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Rhythm Energy Dance, Drama and Singing School- REDDS was founded in 2001. It was not known as REDDS back then but just as REDS, Rhythm Energy Dance School.

It was founded by Erin Cacacie because she felt a need to create a dance club at the local secondary school where she was first employed. It started out as a weekly class with 30 regular dancers, this then progressed to weekends and so the school was born.

REDs is where Erin Cacacie met Marta Nuevo Draper. Marta was just 11 yrs old when she started dancing at REDs. REDs performed at local events, competed in dance and cheerleading competitions, was the opening act for American RnB band "Dru Hill" at Bristols Colston Hall and REDs staged their own annual dance showcase. It was here Marta was able to showcase her singing ability.

In 2005, Erin left the UK and moved to New Zealand where she continued with the success of REDs and opened her dance school in New Zealand. In the 6 years that Erin was in New Zealand, REDs went onto to win every dance category they entered and ultimately qualifying for the World Dance Championships in the USA.

During that time, Marta had secured a place at Filton's South West Academy of Dramatic Arts where she studied musical theatre. She then went on to study Musical Theatre at University, where she further developed her talent for singing, dancing and acting. After gaining a first class honours degree she then went to work as a singing teacher at a stage school franchise.

In 2011, Erin returned to the UK. Marta and Erin who had remained in contact with each other were once again doing dance classes. Erin as the teacher and her old students (somewhat older) were back. It was like a REDs reunion. 

In January 2012, Marta and Erin had a chance meeting about what they could create if they collaborated together and the need for a Quality Stage School at Affordable Prices.

And so REDDS was born......

Marta was going to teach the singing and drama and Erin the dance and drama. It was at this meeting that they both really understood the passion that each other had for their chosen arts and wanting to create a unique school that supported the students, teaching them to a very high standard and motivating the students to feel as passionate about the arts as they do.

REDDS is more than a stage school, its a performing arts school. Students can take British Ballet Organisation exams in Ballet and Independent Dance Assocation exams in Jazz, Drama, Singing,  Musical Theatre, Contemporary, StreetDance and Acro Gymnastics. REDDS also has great partnerships with local piano and guitar teachers, should our students want to learn and sit piano and guitar exams.

REDDS is fresh, vibrant,  fun and talented stage school, with Erin as the principle of this new stage school, it can only grow and develop into a leading performing arts school.


Watch out for REDDS.......

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